5 Ways To Increase Your Calories Burned Daily

Ever since I wrote about achieving 30,000 steps in a day I’ve been getting questions such as:

I’ve paid a lot of attention to my step patterns for several months now.  That, along with a few experiments, have given me a lot of insight into these questions.

Initially when I first started using fitness trackers I picked the standard goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.  There are various campaigns that promote this amount as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.  After awhile of achieving this goal consistently without seeing too much change in my body or fitness level I researched it a little bit.  My research taught me a few things.

If I don’t make any effort to exercise or consciously try to walk throughout the day I achieve 3,000 steps or less on average.  Achieving less than 3,000 steps in a day is considered inactive. So, if you have a health issue that affects you mobility, or you have a sedentary job, or you just generally spend most of the time seated you may be in this range.

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