Aquasana 3-stage Under Counter Water Filter Review

The Best Under-Sink Water Filter:  Aquasana AQ-5300 vs. Propur Inline Connect FS10

While gravity-fed water filters are high quality and do well in many different applications, they’re not so great if you don’t plan ahead.  For on-demand drinking water you have to look elsewhere.  That’s why filtration systems that hook up to your kitchen sink are so popular.

These types of systems come in two flavors:  countertop and under-counter.  I prefer the under-counter variety since it’s out of sight.  Of course, they require some mild installation, but this shouldn’t be a hindrance.  Manufacturers have made these systems much more amateur-friendly in the 30+ years since my parents bought their first  system to go under the sink.

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Video here: Aquasana 3-stage Under Counter Water Filter Review