Pizza Delivery Spartanburg


In Episode 704 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we’ve got a very interesting restaurant owner and low-carb Paleo diet advocate named Edmund Woo joining us for a conversation about a business decision he made a couple of years […]

Last February, I shared with you about a decision made by the executives of the world’s largest health food supermarket chain Whole Foods beginning to aggressively promote a low-fat, vegetarian diet with their “Health Starts Here” campaign. Interestingly, they’re not trying to hide what they are doing either as you can see on this […]

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Learn How To Relieve Tooth Pain

Toronto Dentist Dr. Hatamian


Do you feel discomfort when you take a sip of hot coffee? Do your teeth hurt when you crunch down on a cold piece of ice?  If so, you may have sensitive teeth, due in part to either a cracked tooth, gum recession, or tooth enamel has worn away.  The sensitivity is caused by a nerve being exposed to what you put in your mouth.  Ask your dentist if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, but in the meantime you can reduce the sensation by avoiding or modifying how you eat the following foods.

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AdSmartly Software

Like the SEO consultant of old, it seems like there is a ton of snake oil when it comes to social media and digital marketing consultants. As a person in this profession, it drives me absolutely nuts to hear some of the drivel that comes out of these people’s mouths. So, whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop looking to spend a few hundred dollars a month to a Fortune 100 business looking to hire an agency, here are four social media myths that need busting.

Before we get into the social media myths, I want to issue a quick warning. These opinions are neither popular within business or across the industry. Similar to what’s going on in the laboratory in Hawkins on Stranger Things, most people can’t handle the truth, so I have to water it down.

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SiteContact Software

We specialize in social media marketing.

But more than that – we specialize in tying in an entire content marketing strategy for your business.  We don’t just fill up a spreadsheet with statuses and count ourselves done.

We specialize in turning the average B2B business website into a lead generation tool.
We take the stress out of your digital marketing, and turn it into the easiest part of your business. 

You need content? We write it. 

Social Media expands the reach of your marketing efforts. 

Long Tail Keywords are essential.

Multiple certifications in the top Inbound Marketing software available.

Nurture your leads closer to purchase through automated sequences. 

Monthly reporting on ROI of marketing campaigns

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