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ScopeLeads Sales TrainingScopeLeads Email Swipes is a very good product by Lior Ohayon. Discover The Secret “$3,000 Magic Trick” For Closing The Biggest Clients, For The Biggest Bucks, Even If You Suck On The Phone. You’ve got ScopeLeads working overtime. The automation is running like clockwork. Emails are going out. Potential clients are emailing back. They want to speak with you. It’s all good. But now you’ve got the attention of a few make or break clients. Big fish. The kind of client that puts you on easy street if you manage to land them.
You don’t want to blow this chance. So what do you do? This is the conversation my students pay me $3,000 each to engage in. The way you deal with what comes next directly impacts on your level of success. read more

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One of the most popular content management systems or CMS in the entire world is WordPress. 1/3 of all websites on the internet use WordPress as its framework. Websites like Time, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Sony Music, all use WordPress.

As you know, your website is a big piece of your marketing. Granted, it may not be the piece that drives leads but for B2B websites, a website that reflects poorly on your company brand and message is the number one reason that they don’t see results from their website. A website can generate leads but it can also cost you new business.

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STORYMATE REVIEW THE WORLD’S FIRST EXPERT IN USING INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK STORIES TO GET HUGE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITES A huge welcome to my review today Storymate Review – Facebook and Instagram are obviously the most popular social networks in the world these days. People use them to update their …

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