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By Sudhin Thanawala, The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO  — Online review site Yelp’s star rating system does not make it responsible for negative reviews of businesses because it is based on user input, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday, dismissing a libel lawsuit filed against Yelp by a Washington state locksmith company owner.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the star rating system that Yelp features is not content created by the company that helps guide people to everything from restaurants to plumbers. Under federal law, the decision said, Yelp is not liable for content its users post.

The ruling focused on the libel lawsuit filed by Douglas Kimzey, a locksmith business owner in Redmond, Wash. The court said Kimzey’s business received a negative review on Yelp in 2011. The review by a person identified in court documents only as “Sarah K” gave Kimzey’s company one star out of five, saying it was slow to respond to a car lockout and then overcharged.

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For health reasons, a dehumidifier can  be an important part of your home’s HVAC system. Dehumidifiers are used to properly maintain humidity levels in your home. Too much moisture in your home can cause problems with mold and mildew which can lead to serious health problems!

One easy way to find out if you need a dehumidifier is to look at your windows or doors. Is there condensation on the interior glass? If so, there is probably too much moisture in the room. Build up of moisture can rot wood and break  window/door sealing.

Look up, does the ceiling and corners of your bathroom wall have small black spots? It’s probably mold that grew due to excess moisture. This can become a serious health problem and shouldn’t be ignored! Other areas may be affects such as closets, garages, basements and storage areas.

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Looking For Information On How The Body Can Heal Itself

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Coping with pain is difficult, especially for kids. But there are many methods available to manage their pain beyond taking medication. Scientific studies demonstrate that kids can learn techniques to harness their body and mind’s capacities, relying on their own internal system to heal naturally.

The Healing Buddies Comfort Kit™ is an easy-to-use app that applies several integrative medicine techniques adapted for kids that are quick and effective for symptom control. By combining kid-friendly activities and exercises that teach self-care skills, the Healing Buddies Comfort Kit™ offers an interactive, virtual way to learn how to manage common symptoms like pain, worries, nausea, fatigue and trouble sleeping.

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