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Once your blog or site is live, first and foremost, you need to take care of a few basic things like protection from spam comments, optimizing your posts for SEO, making it social media friendly, etc. How do you do all that without technological expertise? With a WordPress blog, all you have to do is download and install a few plugins, and everything will be taken care of.

That’s why WordPress is by far the best and most user-friendly CMS platform in the world. It not only gives you an easier way to set up a website but also brings you a plethora of simple technological thingamajigs, which make your online/ blogging life even more effortless. Plugins are one such small, readymade wonders of technology that you can download and install on your WP site and get complicated things done, independently and easily. Moreover, if you have an affiliate marketing site or if you want to earn a steady income from your blog, there are some plugins in the market, which can make your job much simpler.

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OptInJoy Review

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ViddX Review

Video Marketing is a unique and modern method of standing out in the business world via the Internet. Where better to do that than on the most popular and most used platform for video-sharing?

Here are few of my favorite tips for getting more views on YouTube.

YouTube has more than billions of videos so it may be tricky getting your videos to reach a number of audience.

However, just because there are plenty of competition, doesn’t mean you’d just give up.

It should drive and motivate you to up your game.

You can get more from me at https://www.daniellatto.co.uk including over 100 information fueled podcasts and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

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TXT Video Direct Demo

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. You get what you give. In this environment, we believe that engaging social brands don’t just talk, they listen. And they don’t just share, they deliver value.

We spark conversations between brands and people that build deeper relationships. Using online listening, we gain insight into your customers’ desires, behaviors and how they perceive your brand. We use this knowledge to develop a unique and ownable tone for your brand’s personality. This is the launch pad from which we create and spread relevant content across social communities, moving your brand from just talking, to being talkable.





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