Seeking Info On Teeth Whitening Professionals

Check your calendar and see if you have a notation for a toothache. No, you don’t! Toothaches are not scheduled. They can occur at any time (usually when it’s most inconvenient) and require immediate attention to stop the pain and prevent serious damage. What you need at this urgent time is a dentist who can treat you promptly. Dr. Frank Shaw, your 60614 dentist, is that dentist. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Shaw is skilled at assessing the cause of your toothache and finding the right treatment to resolve it. You might not have a set date for this emergency, but you can set a plan of action in the eventuality of a dental emergency. And that plan should involve Dr. Shaw and his compassionate staff of talented dental professionals.

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Get Viral Store Customer Review

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. — A video of a Kentucky man using Walmart’s intercom system to ask for help has gone viral.

Forrest Hunter posted the video to Facebook on Friday and it already has 39,000 shares and 1.9 million views as of Tuesday afternoon.

The video, captioned “When you get sick of waiting on somebody at Walmart,” shows Hunter in the sporting goods section of the store. He picks up the store telephone and uses the intercom.

“Customer needs assistance in sporting goods please. I’m the customer,” he said.

Hunter told WKYT a Walmart associate came over to help him afterward and was a little embarrassed. He said he didn’t get in any trouble for using the intercom.

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Pixamattic Review


Light It Up UK approached Zein Marketing to produce a simple but stylish website to show off their range of three foot high decorative illuminated letters. Although predominantly targeted towards weddings they can also be used for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, corporate and public events as well as signs for venues.

Zein recommended a WordPress website and helped Light It Up UK choose a template from the wide variety that are readily available. There was also the requirement to set up social media to tie into the new website and Zein recommended and set up their Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles.

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ClipsReel Demo

It is of public knowledge that advertisements can be annoying unless relevant or informative; though YouTube have taken it one step further. As everyday consumers of YouTube we know that they have all types of videos – from music and trailers to vlogs and tutorials, any type of video you want, it is likely YouTube will have it.

YouTube is considered to have the strongest influence due to its culture of self-promotion, especially when compared to brand-related and user-generated content across other social platforms e.g. Facebook and Twitter (Fischer, Smith, & Yongjian, 2012).

Stats to know:

(YouTube, 2016)

Types of YouTube ads:

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YouZon Review


When asked what the secrets to their success are, owners of high-ranking websites will tell you that hard-core search engine optimization, prolific content creation, and white hat link building techniques are critical. There are even more sustainable tactics, however, that are often overlooked, unused, and simply scoffed at when marketing professionals begin their mass campaigning – tactics that can increase other vital areas while obtaining worthwhile targeted leads. Some of the most undervalued – yet most usable – internet marketing tactics we’ve found to still work wonders are highlighted below.

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Original Youtube video here: YouZon Review