Body Composition Analysis NuriMost Boca Raton

To give you an idea of where this post is going to go, and if you would like a one-sentence summary, I’ll quote a 2012 paper by Davis et al. titled Understanding Weight Gain at Menopause(1):

“In summary, weight gain does not appear to be affected by the hormonal changes of the menopause.”

If that’s not enough for you, read on…

In the years after the release of SPEED, we were often asked why we did not include a section on sex hormones and their ability to affect weight loss. Many times, this was accompanied by a story about how the sharer tried and tried for years to lose weight but never got results until they balanced their sex hormones, or started hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or began taking a supplement which helped a suspected sex hormone problem. The reason we didn’t spend much, if any, time discussing sex hormones and their effect on weight loss is that the evidence doesn’t support much of an effect at all. Adhering to the brevity principle in SPEED prohibited discussion of a non-issue. But, alas, a discussion is now warranted due to our wish that this project be as comprehensive as possible based on the available evidence, brevity be damned.

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