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Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ to name the better-known channels, have actually only been with us for a few short years, but their impact has been extensive.

They’ve Changed:

All the channels have evolved and are changing at a fast rate and the indicators are ‘they won’t slow down anytime soon’. This means developing ways of managing not just results but how the new capabilities impact the individual channel as well as other related platforms.

How Does Social Media Work?

If you have and make use of a database, you know the value of having and using it. What you don’t hear people talk about is that followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook are actually, part of your database.

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If you are a retailer considering a move into mobile marketing, or you’re a marketer trying to nudge that retailer, you may be battling a perception that MM is the equivalent of that obnoxious telemarketing call that happens precisely when your family sits down to dinner.  Won’t people get tired of your message program…like, quickly?

The answer is yes…if you’re obnoxious about it.  But, what does that mean, exactly?  How much is too much?  Are there any standards to go by?   Actually, there are, as provided by the Mobile Marketing Association.

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Once you’ve created the perfect marketing videos, where will they be distributed? Distributing your videos properly is as important as producing them properly — and it isn’t always easy. You’ll need a full marketing strategy integrated with your video campaign if you’re going to reach potential clients. Here’s everything you need to know about video dissemination.

Where Do You Disseminate Videos?

On your blog or website.
As a real estate agent, you likely have a professional site which offers real estate listings and related information. Videos such as home tours can be attached to real estate listings — while general real estate information can be attached to general purpose blog posts and other related content. In general, your blog or website is the best place to put listing-related and community-related videos.

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No one better understands the value of audience engagement than a marketer. As a marketing professional, you keep trying to establish a community through social media marketing and quality content. Enhance your skill and keep in touch with the target users by means…

Breadcrumbs trails are an excellent component of the overall web design that is meant to enhance the user’s capability to indicate the position of the web page in the category hierarchy. Having breadcrumbs integrated in the overall structure of the website is highly…

Every business (both small and large) understands the increasing value or efficacy of Internet Marketing. Owing to its valuable contribution in business, Internet Marketing has further necessitated business owners to devise unique plans and strategies so that they don’t lose the chance to…

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