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Got a product to sell or a service to offer ? Whether it’s to the local community or the world, online stores are the easiest way to introduce a product or service. One source is capable of displaying all information about the product or services. Costs traditionally attached to brick & mortar businesses don’t necessarily apply.

Two things that any online store must have –

If you don’t get this right, you’re guaranteed an disgruntled shopper who finds another online store which meets his or her needs.

WooCommerce – The first plugin that you think of when you intend to set up an online store on a WordPress site. WooCommerce is a tried and tested plugin created by WooThemes, a trusted name among the WordPress community. It is a customizable shopping mechanism which helps you sell pretty much everything.

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Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Video Blog With BridTV

These days quite a large amount of plugins are being used for various browsers and such. Mind you, plugins are equally important and popular for sites powered by WordPress. To put it as briefly as possible, plugins add to the functionality of software and technology you’re relying on in your everyday work. What’s really fascinating is that at this point, the usage of WordPress plugins has become incredibly widespread. It’s been noted recently that are over 50,000 free WordPress plugins available, and that’s just on

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Digital marketing has advanced to a whole new scale. Video marketing is now a compulsory part of any successful online marketing campaign. A few years ago, video marketing was a reserve of the chosen few. Only large corporations could manage successful video marketing due to the cost involved in the production of such videos. However, things have changed a lot in the past few years. Today, all online entities including startups, e-commerce businesses, and even personal blogs are utilizing the benefits of video content.

The scramble for video marketing benefits is not based on an empty promise. Statistically, video marketing has more return on investment (ROI) than all the other forms of digital marketing. According to a Hubspot post, 78 percent of internet users watch videos on a weekly basis. Further, 55 percent of daily internet visitors encounter or watch a video. These figures are nothing compared to the percentage of web visitors who encounter text content. Generally, the internet is richer in text content than any other form of content. In fact, almost all internet visitors have to come across some text. This explains why using video stands out.  

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Flutter E-Commerce Starter Kit- Powered By WordPress

Includes a ready-to-use application with WooCommerce integration.

Attention all E-commerce wizards! GeekyAnts is proud to announce the official launch of its E-Commerce starter kit, complete with a fully-functional mobile application with WooCommerce support, designed for comfortable administration of your products online. This kit will help your business soar towards new horizons by giving you the boost you need to put your business on the internet, and will continue to be your companion throughout your journey.

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