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I recently watch a presentation on given at WordCamp Orange County 2014 on the topic of creating your own theme using Underscores and Foundation. After I had finished the video, I tried out this technique of theme building myself, and I was so impressed that I felt I had to share it. This is an incredibly easy way to do theme development, and in almost no time you can make a functional theme. All credit for the process go to Steve Zehngut who gave the presentation. If you want to learn more about him you can check out his Twitter or check out his company, Zeek Interactive. I mainly wanted to do a blog post on this topic so I have everything written down in one place that’s easy to reference (and copy paste!) and so I could share what I learned with all of you!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a touchy subject because you can invest a lot to get to page one in Google, only to see your efforts thwarted by the next algorithm release. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), generally known as Pay-Per-Click, can often be the most advantageous option because most people who click on ads are ready to be sold to. They’re at the buying stage. Meanwhile, Social Media Marketing (SMM) can reap amazing rewards for your brand, but it can often be a waste of time. That’s just the reality. Talk to us to determine which tools or combination of tools are right for your goals.


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“Jarrett has done a wonderful job with all our social media. He helped us create tons of web traffic and put us all over the Internet. I would definitely refer Jarrett to others.” – John Moseley Owner- Moseley Diamond Showcase





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Digging Into WordPress is a beautiful book. Each chapter is color-coded for quick navigation.
Full-color graphics and easy-to-read text on every page. Loaded with screenshots and diagrams to explain important concepts.
Plus all URLs are hyperlinked to make it all good.

We build up from basics and go into depth on theme anatomy, securing and optimizing your site, and everything in between.
Learn by example with lots of copy-&-paste code samples to improve your site.
You’ll get real-life examples that you can sink your teeth into.

Ebook purchase gets you awesome bonus content and lifetime access to all of our exclusive WordPress themes.
You’ll also get the supplemental PDF packed with sweet tips and tricks.
And to top off, you can download the e-book in three flavors: regular, widescreen, and lite version.

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