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Showcasing you digitally, it’s a phrase which is used for the term “Digital Marketing”.

Digital marketing is a blanket term for marketing of products and services using digital technologies, which is mainly on internet. The digital platform is at its peak, people are using digital devices (i.e. Smartphone’s) for the online marketing rather than traditional marketing. It has eliminated the offline branding and has promoted to online. Now day’s the brands are showcased digitally to attract the customer.

Digital Marketing is known by different terms like: – Online Marketing, they are one and the same terms.

Components of Digital Marketing

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In a competitive world like the one that exists today, it is becoming increasingly important to make use of specialized tools and resources available through the internet. Establishing a strong presence online while simultaneously achieving planned goals is something most modern businesses are failing to do. Advancements in technologies can help you expand your business but identifying the right kind of tools for the type of goal you want to accomplish, is a decision you must make.

If you are looking to go that extra mile to make it to the top, taking your business online is the first step. A Content Management System (CMS) is essential for developing any kind of website or online platform for content. WordPress is a type of blogging platform but also enables you to create a pre-built website. Along with that, it gives you a chance to focus more on the parts of websites such as content, marketing over the internet, search engine optimization, etc. In the new day and age, the most popular and sought-after tool for website development is the WordPress CMS. About 30% of all global websites are developed through and powered by WordPress.

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I work with individuals, soloprenuers, small businesses to name but a few, not just as another contractor, but as an essential part of your team and support network, enabling you to get on with your everyday tasks.

Help with your WordPress marketing and SEO, Facebook Ads, Facebook events and much more!

Switching websites/themes or designers? Don’t move your site until you’ve spoken to me! I’ll be there to support you, guide you and lead you on the right path to make sure your site is switched over correctly covering your previous SEO and online marketing efforts.

Just can’t quite get that Stylesheet to work? Images not the right size or style for your website or Social Media? Or need your PDF brochure converted into shareable images and Facebook Adverts?

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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS for short) on the web. CMS’s are great because they allow non-technical website administrators to manage their websites with ease. WordPress is widely recognised as the most user-friendly and feature filled CMS available.
Roughly 15 million websites on the web are powered by WordPress, which equates to roughly of 27% of all websites on the web. Many large businesses use WordPress for their website, including The New Yorker, Mercedes-Benz and TechCrunch.
Due to the popularity of WordPress, the platform has become a popular target for hackers and spammers. Taking time to focus on the security of your WordPress website is essential. This article covers some of the more important security measures you can take to secure your WordPress website.

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Video Submitter Review

If you’ve read my blog, you know how important I believe video is as part of any business’ marketing mix. Video continues to command greater percentages of marketers’ collective attention and this trend will not slow down for the foreseeable future, as noted below. Sources for each—when provided—are captioned in parentheses.

Moral of the story

The biggest roadblock for marketers to add video marketing is getting started. This is particularly relevant for small business owners. Granted, many have made the move, but just as many have not. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to produce a video anymore—even when using a professional, so don’t be dissuaded into reaching for a smartphone, with all its inherent shortcomings. Are there times when this might be a good option? Most certainly! If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime live event, go for it! But with that said, if you’re telling the story of your business, you will be much better served with pro level cameras, microphones and lighting.

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