Geld Verdienen Im Internet – Funnel Cockpit Erfahrung

THREE POEMS by Andreas Britz



The Drop


We climbed into the hottest bush in that warzone
on a day when clouds and parachutes were indistinguishable,
believing we’d found another clue to this game,
but all we found were a few forlorn berries
and a three thousand square foot mansion haunted by a black leotard.
Next, we penetrated the thick forest, hacking away the brush
with the edges of our hands until the blood hardened
into little red protective gloves.
Soon we arrived at a clearing
where a pot of beans was boiling rapidly
and a sign beside it read: “Do not touch. Back soon.”
We stood under a waterfall until we felt ourselves
slowly being erased, and then, capping our canteens
and retrieving our clothes from a nearby rock,
we set off again with the long day ahead of us.
Tall grass gave way to short grass and short grass to a lost city of gold.
The professor told us that he had dreamt of this moment all his life.
He was sad to leave it behind and would have stayed
had we only said the word, but we could not.
I would have missed him the most.
Later, when we’d finally found our way back,
we combed that same bush for signs of meaning in this exercise
and when we could find none we simply threw up our hands,
formed an orderly line, and started all over again.

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Intuitiv Und Automatisch Geld Verdienen – T Shirt Formel – Erfahrung

Evan Ungar aus Kanada (24 Jahre) knackte vor kurzem einen neuen Weltrekord in der Rubrik „Highest Standing Jump“. Er sprang fast seine eigene Körpergröße von 1,79 Meter aus dem Stand, und zwar 1,61 Meter (5,3 Feet). Aus dem Jungen wäre ein hervorragender Skater geworden. 😉

Haben wir also einen neuen Eintrag im Buch des Guinness World Record* – Prost!

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