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Video marketing is a great way to enhance your website and business. Customers trust websites that have videos. Our video marketing services can get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. We create a customized slideshow video tailored to your specific business. Then we include an integrated online marketing campaign to help promote your video and business which helps to drive results to your website. 

videoA basic slideshow video with text, images, your logo, music, and your websites address (call to action) and/or phone number (minimum 1 min long / 1 free edit) customized to your specific business.

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If you’ve been around this lovely thing called the Internet for a while you probably already know that Amazon is a great source to earn cash by affiliating products. Running an Amazon affiliate website is no easy gig, but it has huge earning potential; so it can be a lucrative endeavor for those dedicated and willing to put in the work. To start things off right, however, you need a powerful WordPress theme to help you put your best foot forward. And we’ve got just the tools to help. Here are the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes on the market.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

Azassociate is an amazing WordPress theme with full Amazon API support. It facilitates the creation of Amazon partner stores by harnessing Amazon’s Product Advertising API. Creating an Amazon review niche site is a total breeze. It fully integrates with WooCommerce and and a custom built Amazon product importer allowing you to import unlimited products from Amazon with a few clicks. What we liked most about this theme is it’s flexibility. It can help you create an Amazon WordPress store for almost any product you could think of. Some examples would be: running gear, nutrition supplements, kitchen appliances as well as movie reviews. An awesome deal for a theme that’s been rated with 4.6/5.

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Last week Automattic published its annual “Year in Review” stats, including WooCommerce stats for the first time since the company acquired Woo in 2015. As of December, there are 1,594,894 active stores using WooCommerce and roughly 1/3 of those (530,000) are new in 2016.

One of the most exciting areas of growth is WooCommerce’s global market share. Although both the Year in Review post and the WooCommerce website have the software at 39%, Builtwith stats show WooCommerce powers 42% of all online stores. This is a huge leap from 30% a year and a half ago, when it was acquired.

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Writings from a happy Swift coder.

Update 2017-08-25: This bug appears to be fixed in Xcode 9, beta 6.

On Xcode 9, when compiling to iOS 10; views nested in root view with “Preserve Superview Margins” enabled, have an incorrect margin of 8px.

iOS Simulator showing 8px margin

I’ve filed a radar with Apple:

ID: 33992313


Xcode 9 (beta 5) generates incorrect margins when building for iOS 10 with “Preserves Superview Margins” enabled in Interface Builder.
The same code works correct on Xcode 9 + iOS 11, and also correct on Xcode 8 + iOS 10.

Steps to Reproduce

In Xcode 9, beta 5 / iOS 10:

  • Create a “Wrapper View” in interface builder directly under root view of view controller
  • Pin edges to superview edges on Wrapper View
  • Enable “Preserve Superview Margins” on Wrapper View
  • Add subview to Wrapper View that is pinned to the Wrapper View layout margins

Expected Results

Left and right margins should be 16 or 20, depending on device.

Observed Results

Left and right margins are always 8.


Does not occur when building with Xcode 8 (for iOS 10) or Xcode 9 (for iOS 11)

Side note:
Setting explicit layout margins instead of using “Preserve Superview Margins” only works after rotating screen.
But this is probably an unrelated iOS 10 bug, as this also happens in Xcode 8.

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