Learn More About Integrative Therapies For Cancer

Image of cells through a confocal microscope at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. Dan Kitwood/Getty/Cancer Research UK

In 2016 the National Cancer Institute estimated that over 1.685 million Americans would be diagnosed with cancer during the year, resulting in over 595,000 deaths. While cancer treatments have helped attenuate cancer death rates, new research conducted by Dr. Sabine Mai of the University of Manitoba in Canada may help doctors develop even more precise treatments for their patients. By creating a 3D signature of the DNA in a patient’s cells, physicians might soon be able to cater their treatments far more specifically.

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Looking For Information On How The Body Can Heal Itself

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Coping with pain is difficult, especially for kids. But there are many methods available to manage their pain beyond taking medication. Scientific studies demonstrate that kids can learn techniques to harness their body and mind’s capacities, relying on their own internal system to heal naturally.

The Healing Buddies Comfort Kit™ is an easy-to-use app that applies several integrative medicine techniques adapted for kids that are quick and effective for symptom control. By combining kid-friendly activities and exercises that teach self-care skills, the Healing Buddies Comfort Kit™ offers an interactive, virtual way to learn how to manage common symptoms like pain, worries, nausea, fatigue and trouble sleeping.

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Learn More About How Genes Are Turned On

When, where, and how much a gene is expressed is controlled primarily by the interaction of cis-regulatory DNA sequences with trans-regulatory transcription factors (TFs).  Changes in TF binding sites contribute to disease states, phenotypic diversity among healthy individuals, and divergent phenotypes between species. Despite their importance, many questions remain about the way in which cis-regulatory DNA sequences translate TF binding into transcriptional activity (Wittkopp and Kalay 2012). The rapid evolution of yellow enhancers provides us with an excellent opportunity to study the evolution of cis-regulatory sequences (Wittkopp et al. 2002Gompel et al. 2005).

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