Seeking Info On The Role Hormones Play

We are practically swimming in a toxic soup that is wrecking our hormones, damaging the thyroid and derailing our energy and mental well-being.  The good news is, it’s not as hard to protect yourself from every day toxins as you might think.  

Knowing where these hidden toxins lurk and how to avoid them is key to keeping your liver happy and your hormones healthy.  Below are five of the most common toxins that can damage hormones and the best ways to avoid them.  


One of the most ubiquitous toxins in our society, phthalates are a class of chemicals whose jack-of-all-trades ability to perform a whole host of roles in both industrial use and personal care products means that phthalates are quite literally everywhere.

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More Information On Inspiring People To Reach Their Potential

Neil Patel


When it comes to websites, you’ll agree with me that WordPress is one of the most popular choices for blog content marketers and general bloggers like us. I use it and many of the most successful marketers, bloggers, and business owners I know use it, too.

In fact, the usage statistics for WordPress might surprise you. They certainly surprised me.

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Trying To Learn Why The Population Is Eating Too Much

Childhood obesity is defined as “a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height” (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

Childhood obesity is caused by a number of environmental influences, and occasionally a genetic influence. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) points out a few of the environmental factors that have the biggest influence on children, such as advertising and media, inadequate amounts of activity incorporated into school days, limited access to healthy foods, limited access to safe places to exercise, increasing portion sizes, and the availability and convenience of unhealthy foods (2013).

“Overweight and obesity are caused by an energy imbalance where calories consumed exceed calories expended throughout the day. This leads to an increased fat storage in the body” (ACSM). It can be defined based on a person’s body mass index. For a child to be considered obese, their BMI would have to be at or above the 95th percentile.

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Looking For Info On Homeostasis And The Body

Are you in a committed relationship and still feeling frustrated and lonely about the level of intimacy in your life? Are you surrounded by colleagues, friends, and family but still feel lonely inside? Are you searching for deep, satisfying connections—to yourself, to others, to spirit? This program teaches both your mind and your body how […]

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How could the changes in my client’s body that I described in my last post happen— in a mere half hour, no less? How does one get from hunched-over pain to upright with no pain? To understand the mechanism, it’s helpful to understand something about how the bodymind works. We have two forms of self-awareness […]

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