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A blog about a former athlete trying not to get fat in college.

For this post, I will be sharing some awesome and creative workout tips that are really fun.  They are tips that will hopefully motivate you a little more for your workout and get you more excited to get in shape.  I hope you enjoy!

1.  Make yourself motivational notes.

Add your favorite quotes to them and stick them in places you go by often. Everyone could use a little more inspiration in their lives!

2.  Invest in flattering workout clothes.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Book

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint, where the top of the thigh bone (femur) is shaped like a ball and connects at the cup-shaped area in the pelvis (acetabulum). Stability stems from the ligaments and muscles that connect the femur to the pelvis. Mobility comes from the many muscle groups that allow you to move your leg across all planes of motion, including the hip flexors, adductors, abductors and gluteals. Weak and stiff muscles can compromise your mobility and produce pain.

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Where To Schedule Intravenous Vitamin Therapy



Reality is that even if we eat healthy and exercise, our bodies are still deplete of vital nutrients and vitamins. Receiving intravenous vitamins and other powerful antioxidants aids in restoring your body to its state of wellbeing allowing for optimal functioning, in addition to supporting health. We offer tailor-made and standard intravenous cocktails.

You may be wondering if you are a candidate for vitamin and mineral infusions. If you are athletic, a frequent traveler, have a busy and stressful lifestyle, suffer from frequent colds or environmental allergens, or just want to maintain your good health, you are a candidate. We will develop a treatment plan for your individual need/s.

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Searching For Integrative Oncology Clinics

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GOAL 1: Reduce disparities in behavioral risks, early detection, treatment and survivorship of cancer in Vermont

GOAL 2: Reduce exposure to tobacco among Vermonters

GOAL 3: Increase use of the dental system among Vermonters

GOAL 4: Improve nutrition and physical activity among Vermonters

GOAL 5: Prevent HPV Infections among young Vermonters

GOAL 6: Reduce exposure to environmental hazards among Vermonters (a: ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and sun lamps, b: radon and other environmental hazards)

GOAL 7: Increase early detection of colorectal cancer among Vermonters

GOAL 8: Increase early detection of cervical cancer among Vermont women

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