Seeking Info On Cancer Marker Numbers Going Up

Farmers and ranchers are at greater risk of developing skin cancer than the average American because they are exposed to 2-3 times as much UV radiation as indoor workers.  Protect your skin by using broad spectrum sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, long sleeve shirt and pants, and a wide brim hat.  Also be aware that some medications can increase your sensitivity to the sun.

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Searching For Info On What Your Skin Is Made From


The practice of Dr. Helen Montgomery is limited to dermatology with special interest and training in skin cancer screening and management. Following obtaining her medical degree from the University of Alberta and further residency training in internal medicine at Dalhousie University, she enjoyed family practice in Calgary for many years before pursuing her interest in skin malignancies. She completed clinical training in skin cancer recognition and management and a Dermatology Diploma (Cardiff University 2014). She has been working in a skin cancer clinic for over 5 years and been active teaching family medicine residents from the University of Calgary Family Medicine program prior to moving her practice to Westside Medical.

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Study How To Heal From Cancer

One of our goals here at Man Cave Health is to ensure that nobody has to go through their journey with prostate cancer alone.  The links in this section are here to help guide you to the kind of useful information that you need most right now, and also to share with you some stories of success and survival to inspire you.  Please feel free to call our toll free hotline at 1(833)HEAL-MEN if you have specific questions, or simply want to talk.  We can connect you with a recent prostate cancer survivor who would be able to share some of his experiences with you.  Nobody asks to be on this journey, but now that you’re here, we want you to know that you’re in good company.  We’re here to help.



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Where To Find Info On Therapy For Proper Hydration

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For those fighting the battle against cancer, look into Vitamin C IV Therapy. Large doses of this vitamin, especially delivered intravenously has amazing results in killing cancer cells & reducing tumour size. Not cheap but helps those recovering from chemo & is very energy boosting. Alternatively- look into Lypo Spheric Vitamin C (taken orally). We all can benefit from more vitamin C in our day to day lives. This type of vitamin C has a rapid delivery system that goes more quickly into the bloodstream. Regular vitamin C doses cannot be absorbed as fast in the bloodstream because it is destroyed by digestive enzymes. Just wanted to share this knowledge as we continue our battle, do what’s best for you & your health! Be well everyone! 

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