Southbank Investment Properties For Sale Southbank Melbourne Investment Properties

Which area of wellnes would you like to cover? or all of them?

First round tickets: First 50 Free

Earlybird Month of October: $29.99

From 1st of November: $60.00

At door tickets: $80.00

We spend too much time running around everything else and leaving ourself last. Make time to pause for one morning, and get in touch with all 7 Dimension of Wellness within the 4 hours on a Sunday morning. Bring your sass and join us on an amazing venue on the beach at St Kilda and enjoy the day wih talks, demonstrations and active learning alongside workshops. CATERING provided, with healthy drink stations.

View 2 and 3 bedroom layouts. video on YouTube


Southbank Investment Properties For Sale Southbank Melbourne Investment Properties

BUYERS can channel their inner emperor at his one-of-a-kind Mornington Peninsula home with its own Roman spa. Check it out.

VICTORIANS are better placed to service their mortgages than homeowners in most other states, according to data from credit rating agency Moody’s.

BUYERS converged on a Hoppers Crossing house at the weekend as first-home buyers compete for affordable properties on Melbourne’s fringes.

YouTube video: 2 and 3 bedroom layouts.


Townhouses For Sale In Durack Queensland Investment Townhouses For Sale In Durack Queensland

Your September Monthly Forecast: Bruce Banner, the scientist who turned into The Incredible Hulk, often said: ‘Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!’ Few of us are likeable when we’re irate. And there’s a chance that, as your ruler makes feisty conjunctions with Mars, you might be more prone to ‘unleashing the beast’ than usual. Yet that’s not necessarily bad. Anger is useful when channelled correctly. Little is gained when heads meet brick walls. If you’re smart about how you express your passion, it’ll be a key component in your progress.

Your Week Ahead: Well-intentioned, intelligently organised plans often fall apart because of our inability to work as a team – even when we’re working towards a common goal. How does it happen? How can a project fail when everyone’s pulling together, believing in the same things, and striving for the same goals? The answer, of course, is the ‘people’. There’s nothing quite like personal agendas to disrupt a process. Now, rather than worrying about who’s responsible, think about the solution. I suspect you might just find that the answer is… you!Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: We say: ‘what’s mine is yours’? Why? Do we truly mean to put all our worldly possessions at the disposal of another? Or does this saying simply connote good hospitality? More importantly, does this extend to our problems? Is this to denote a sense of shared expectation? ‘Help me with my problems – as, my friend, they are also yours?’ Of course we help our friends. But we do these things out of love, not duty. Don’t place the weight of expectation on a loved one, this weekend. Your battles are not theirs.

View this video on YouTube: 2 and 3 bedroom layouts.

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Corpus Christi Roof Repair Roof Contractors

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

A leaky roof is one of those situation that a homeowners will face at one time or another. Even the most durable roofs can sustain minor water damage after rain or snowstorms typical of New Jersey’s climate. A roofing contractor can address such problems, providing repairs as well as inspections and maintenance tips to prevent leaking.

The question remains, however: what can a homeowner do when a leak occurs at an inconvenient time? Emergency roof repairs can help to minimize water damage until your local contractor is able to permanently handle the repairs, be it replace shingles, repair flashing or re-seal the skylight or chimney.

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My Handyman Near Fry Rd

Today’s technology offers home owners a multitude of home entertainment options. We can help make your home a wonderful place to be whether it is as simple as mounting and wiring a flat screen TV or as grand as a full-service home theater set up. Please let us know what you would like in your home and we can tell your how to make it a reality.

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