Tyoes Of Surveillance Cameras

A man is facing criminal charges after eight people were recorded secretly by hidden cameras in his Airbnb vacation rental home in Las Vegas.

Clark County District Court records show that Christopher Gregory Rogers was indicted last week on five counts of capturing an image of the private area of another person, a gross misdemeanor. The crimes occurred in December and January.

The case initially was set for a preliminary hearing in Las Vegas Justice Court on Sept. 21, but prosecutors chose to present it to a grand jury instead.

“I was looking forward to the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and present exculpatory evidence,” Rogers’ attorney, Richard Schonfeld, said Friday.

A criminal complaint originally charged Rogers with eight counts of the offense, three more than he now faces.

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Pier And Beam Foundation San Antonio Pier And Beam Foundation Company

Understanding the reasons for foundation repairs is the first step to determining which technique is best for your home. It is vital for property owners to not just comprehend the reasons for foundation repairs but likewise the constraints of said repairs. Homeowners should also understand who to call for these repairs. There are numerous various techniques and options that have to be waded through prior to making the right decision for your estate and household. foundation repair work is specified as: the art of underpinning or stabilizing a framework that has relocated from its initially constructed design.

To underpin a home or structure one must extend the present foundation into a dirt strata or layer that is deeper and more steady than the existing dirt that the foundation is resting upon. This is completed by providing added support from the present footing or wall through piers or anchors. Techniques of foundation repairs include push piers, plate anchors, helical anchors or drilled concrete stacks. The people responsible for designing and instituting these methods include foundation engineers and foundation repair work service providers. A foundation engineer is responsible to assess the structure in question then offer a proposition for his design.

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Guide For Beginners Tips In Using Gopro

LAKESIDE, Calif. — On their recent trip to Hawaii, the Winsor family documented everything, especially their three boys- Nick, Cole and Jake.

The Lakeside family captured all of their memories on their cell phones and GoPro, including their son’s cliff diving.

“My knees were weak when I looked over and I was trying to film them,” Kari, the boys’ mom, said.

Cole jumped about 50 feet into the water with a GoPro attached to a selfie stick. But when he resurfaced, the camera was gone.

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