Wedding DJ Disco Surrey Great Atmosphere Created

How funny – we’ve just received an email from Pixel Studios promoting a plugin for Final Cut Pro X (video editing software) called “ProVTR” which enables editors to turn their pristine, perfect HD video footage into something that looks like it’s played off an old video tape recorder.

One of our Sony AV-3670ACE half-inch helical scan VTRs

Why would we need that? Here at SimplyDV Towers we actually have the reel thing!!!

Here’s the latest acquisition – a Sony AV-3670ACE 1/2″ EIAJ-format Helical Scan VTR (videotape recorder) dating from 1973 and just serviced – one of two picked up from a man called Peter who has the very rare ability to restore these 40-year-old machines to good working order.

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Video here: Wedding DJ Disco Surrey Great Atmosphere Created