Kayaking Mekong Laos

After some busy time in Germany with a lot of work and so on the next tour is almost there. This upcoming Saturday I will take a plane to Montreal in order to attend the World Congress on Chemical Engineering – together with some colleagues of mine. Fortunately we all have the chance to give a talk at this international congress. I will have a time-slot at tuesday, 11:50 local time.

After the congress ends on Thursday, I luckily have the chance to do some vacation in Canada. I am really happy that my beloved girlfriend will join me for that time! We have the plan to do some camping and hiking around the Gaspe-region. Our first idea for a route is:

Kanada 2009 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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Things To Consider About NYC Airport Limousine Service

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Bike Touring Cartagena Cartagena

Visit Ecuador and South America

More on the gorgeous Beaches in Cartagena, Colombia!

By: Cartagena Gal

Read here: Best Beaches in Cartagena; Sharing with locals.

New York Times recently named Colombia the region’s next affordable hotspot! I recommend that you get this guide: The Rough Guide to Colombia. Here you find lots of great content to this amazing destination and all that you can see and do in Colombia.

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Hotels Near Cabo Blanco Peru

Most visitors come to Peru for the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu and the former Incan capital, Cusco; rainforest wonders of the Amazon; Lake Titicaca’s floating reed islands; and adventure in Colca Canyon, the world’s second deepest gorge — not so much for the beaches.

In the past, most coastal accommodations were pretty basic at best, just right for surfers and budget-conscious travelers.

There wasn’t a five-star beach resort on the entire 1,500-mile coast until late 2009.

In 2007, an 8.0 earthquake struck the city of Pisco, leveling Hotel Paracas 9 miles away (155 miles south of Lima) and Libertador Hotels scrapped a plan to renovate the 60-year old hotel it had purchased a few months earlier.

YouTube video: Black Marlin Restaurant and Lodge

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Einfach Deutsch Lernen Online

In dieser Wortschatzreihe lernt ihr die 200 wichtigsten deutschen Adjektive mit Bildern, Lernvideos, Beispielen und Übungen. Um euch das Lernen zu erleichtern, stellen wir euch die Adjektive immer als Gegensatzpaare (z.B. groß – klein) vor. Adjektive mit mehreren Bedeutungen kommen auch mehrmals (in verschiedenen Adjektivpaaren) vor. Die Reihenfolge orientiert sich am Sprachniveau und an der Häufigkeit der Verwendung. Innerhalb eines Eintrags sind die Adjektive alphabetisch geordnet. Nicht bei allen Adjektivpaaren sind beide Adjektive gleich wichtig, für unsere Reihenfolge ist in solchen Fällen das wichtigere Adjektiv ausschlaggebend (z.B. müde – ausgeruht). Die Adjektive aus dem siebten Teil gehören ebenfalls zu den Sprachniveaus A1 und A2.

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