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Is building your website on WordPress the best solution for your business website?

WordPress improves website design in so many ways. WordPress for website design is the most popular “CMS” (content management system) in the world. WordPress as a web design application is used by millions of websites, from small home grown blogs to huge sites like the New York Times blog. It’s estimated that more than 20% of the web is powered by WordPress sites.

My clients and I love WordPress for web design because:

Save Money
WordPress is “open source” software, and is free to use.  Want to blog on your site, or make simple copy changes on pages? With a WordPress website you don’t need to call (or pay) a web designer to make changes for you. You can easily edit your pages yourself. No programming or additional software are required, and changes you make on your website are updated immediately. WordPress is user-friendly for anyone – if you can use Microsoft WORD, you can use WordPress!

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