Foundation Slab Repair Service Corpus Christi Foundation Company

One reason foundation repair is needed in the Houston area is related to our ever-changing weather patterns. Foundations are highly susceptible to moisture content in the soil. Houston is known for extreme weather changes. As a home experiences season after season of these changes, the soil erodes, lessening the soil’s load bearing capacity. As homes get older, they may display significant signs of stress associated with foundation settlement. When it’s hot and dry, the moisture in the soil can evaporate very quickly, causing our “Black Gumbo Soil” to shrink and crack. Slab-On-Grade foundations resting on this parched ground will naturally settle. Some Houston area slabs, especially Post-Tension type slabs, were not designed or constructed with enough structural strength to withstand this amount of downward pressure. Concrete slabs have some flexibility, and can absorb some deflections, but with enough pressure, will eventually crack.

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