Get Three For One Hosting Overview

Do you often see a great looking site and ask yourself “does it use WordPress?” Sometimes the answer is simple – footer says it all, but more often than not you have to do a bit of detective work. With more and more webmasters hiding the fact they use WordPress we’ll teach you different ways to confirm if a site uses WordPress or not, discuss why some feel the need to hide the fact they use WP and show you a neat trick to find out what theme a site uses.

We’re sure that in one context or another you’ve heard about people hiding the fact their site uses WordPress and how that’s a good or a bad thing. So let us clarify a few things.

You should never be ashamed of using WordPress! In fact, you should proudly tell everyone your site is powered by one of the best pieces of open source software ever created. Hiding the exact version of WP you’re using is a whole different game. Due to ever growing risk of being hacked that is a wise thing to do as exposing the exact version number can expose you to greater risks of being hacked.

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