His Secret Obsession Review

Diary of a French PUA

Patrick Jane is fucking good at observation and deduction, where from his nickname “the mentalist” (his help allows the CBI to find and stop killers). Very clever, he also practises hypnosis, NLP, suggestion, manipulation and cold reading (among others). He has an incredible memory too.

He has a cheerful, provocative nature, and has certain contempt for regulations. He has for habit to always do it his way. He always seems to find the answers before everybody, and finds some sort of sick pleasure in doubling people while repeating that mediums do not exist. Therefore, people consider him as a boaster… He likes lying but his frankness often attracts him the anger of his hierarchy during investigations involving important people. He sometimes shows a certain detachment and kept his childish side: for example, when he builds a sand castle on a crime scene.

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