Honda CRF450r

How hard is it to change the brake pads on my bike?”
A question I hear all too often in the industry. What I’d like to say is “Well.. hard enough to possibly kill you.” This isn’t a topic I want to take lightly. Want to do a guess job on your car? Be my guest. At least you have a metal box around you in case something rears its head after your repair. When you’re on two wheels, your motorcycles brake service needs to be PERFECT. Lets get into some steps and tips to make sure that your brake repair is done professionally with confidence. Before you begin busting your knuckles, be sure to check your tool supply to get the job done. People tend to “make do” with what they have to save time and energy instead of stopping in at your tool store to get what you really need. By reading through this post as well as watching the video version, you will not only learn the steps to efficiently performing your brake job but also gain some very important fundamental knowledge on some possible problems and information on the importance of each step.
If your eager to get going, feel free to scroll straight to the steps I’ve provided below!

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