Learn More About Why Plants Are Human Nourishment

Convener: Mario Malagoli | Phone: +39 049 8272908 | E-mail

Plant Sulfur 2018 partners with the international open access journal Plants (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/plants).
Authors of accepted abstracts attending the 11th International Plant Sulfur Workshop are invited to submit a full manuscript for possible publication to the special issue of the Journal Plants: “Advances in Plant Sulfur Research

In this special issue articles (original research papers, perspectives, hypotheses, opinions, reviews, modeling approaches and methods) that focus on S metabolism and its regulation including biochemistry, physiology, genes, proteins, metabolites, nutrition and environment, at all levels comprising transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and epigenome studies, plant microbiome, sulfur use efficiency, sulfur interaction with nutrients and/or hormones, sulfur-status and plant health, senescence, whole plant studies, field trials and agronomics in model plants, crop plants, trees, aquatic plants and native species are most welcome.

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Original Youtube video here: Learn More About Why Plants Are Human Nourishment