Lifesaver Bottle Filter Customer Review

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In my real life role I work in IT. I’ve worked for several companies on several different projects including Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning and one of the most consistent risks was that very few of them have ever tested their contingency plans and tested them as if it was a real disaster. They can spend hundreds of man hours writing these plans and testing them on paper but nothing beats a real live test which shows some simple and fundamental errors. I had one instance on a government site where they had full marks for the DR plans, all the boxes ticked you see, and when I eventually talked them into testing it over a bank holiday we fell over on the first hurdle because the security guards would only let authorised personnel access the classified backup tapes and they were all off outside normal working hours. The plan had the simple milestone of ‘Back up tapes will be delivered from offsite. Ring XXXX to arrange delivery.’ As you can imagine that went down well and it isn’t unusual most backup plans fall over when tested for the first time on silly things. I have several more examples but you get the picture.

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