MobiFirst Migrate Review

To use mobile marketing, or not to use mobile marketing that is the question?

Mobile phones are becoming the latest ‘must-use’ technology tool for today’s twenty-first century marketers. It would not be unusual to assume that most household occupants own their own mobile phone. What makes this particular device advantageous is its portability factor, its flexibility – taken on the move! Therefore, what better way to reach your customers than on a device that is essentially ‘glued to their ear.’

Although this may seem a smart strategy for some marketers, it can be! Yet this method will only be effective providing personalised messages occur. Today’s customers have shifted from receiving mass communications to wanting one-to-one dialogue across an organisations touchpoints. Mobile phones are a personal device and it is vital that companies do not overload or cause an unwelcome relationship between both parties. Hence providing an opt-in feature for those clients to sign up to receiving messages by texts alongside targeted adverts, perhaps based on recent purchasing patterns may then be welcomed more. Shifting current mindsets from nuisance contacts to useful messages.

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