Personal Injury Lawyer Manchester

The so-called “plaintiffs’ bar,” which has come in for heavy criticism over the years, is nevertheless a bulwark of our free society.

You may seek a lawyer’s assistance in recovering on your claim that a person or company caused you injury through negligence, carelessness or even recklessness. There are always excesses, of course, and claims that may appear ridiculous, but by and large this is an area of civil law that protects people from the unrestrained and injurious conduct of others, whether it be individuals or companies.

If you have been injured and are seeking assistance in making a claim, I offer free consultation with no obligation to retain this office. Examples of the types of personal injury cases I have handled are auto accident, “slip-and-fall” and machinery accidents. I accept most personal injury cases on a “contingency” basis, meaning I am paid a fee only if there is a settlement or judgment in your favor, and you pay me a percentage of the settlement or judgment. If there is no settlement, or if the case fails at trial, you pay only my out of pocket expenses.

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