Phone Screen Repair Cost

fills the cracks, to save your fingers

Fills cracks, restores connectivity, and protects your fingers from glass shards.Suitable for use on most any touch screen tablet or cell phone, no matter the brand!

Original Touch Screen Temporary Repair Glue is like a liquid version of the material your glass screen is made out of; so when it dries, it still gives you the responsiveness of the glass that is on your phone or tablet.

Watch how simple Temporary Touch Screen Repair Glue is to apply. Dries fast, leaves your screen smooth to the touch.

Original Touch Screen Temporary Repair Glue is Here!

I now keep one of these in my work truck, just in case I drop my phone on the job. Last year, I dropped my phone on asphalt when I was out in the middle of nowhere. My screen was crumbled and totally non-responsive. With no other way to communicate, I had to drive hundreds of miles home without even completing my service call.

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