Reed Valves

Reed valve -BGM PRO- Typ Yamaha RD350/RZ350 YPVS – GRP petals

Reed valve -BGM PRO- RD350-type – GRP-petals
The RD reeds are a real classic for powerful scooter engines. They give a very good and high power output as well as a phenomenal reliability.
Because we were so happy with the RD reeds, we do now offer the bgm reed valve with glass fibre petals. Glass fibre is well known for their superior behaviour as a basic material for reed petals.
The reed block is vulcanised with a soft rubber compound. This adds to the sealing of the plates. Additionally the plates do not wear as fast because of the better absorption. The sound of the plates closing is absorbed much better as well.
The RD style reeds are used from the SRC manifold, the huge Vespa reed manifolds to the Lambretta TS1 cylinder kits.

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