Searching For Information On Natural Cancer Treatments

The Competence Centre for Cancer Research (CCCR) was founded in 2005 with the aim to improve the quality of cancer therapy by developing and implementing new diagnostic platforms and offering the pharmaceutical industry new drug candidates.  The project portfolio of CCCR involves 1 basic research project, and 8 applied projects in drug development and 4 in diagnostics.

CCCR brings together the top competences in cancer research in Estonia. CCCR was founded by the following consortium:

In 2015 collaboration between CCCR and international pharmaceutical company Bravo Pharmaceuticals started. By year 2017 Bravo Pharmaceuticals has become the major shareholder of CCCR via its Estonian branch IBCC Holding Ltd. Bravo Pharmaceuticals has started to transfer its R&D activities related to cancer research to CCCR in Estonia.

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