See How Free Radicals Cause Aging

We read the term “Free Radicals” and “Anti-Oxidants” and many of us may not know what this is referring to.

Free Radicals are atoms in our body that are chemically unstable having an unpaired electron making them highly reactive.

Typically they are unstable oxygen molecules that steal an electron from a nearby stable molecule.

This once stable molecule has now just become another Free Radical and a domino effect is in play as this newly formed Free Radical seeks to steal an electron from a neighboring molecule and a repetitive cycle is born.

This process of stealing is called “Oxidation”.

Another term used is “Cellular Rust”.

Anti-Oxidants are molecules that can safely interact with Free Radicals and stop the Oxidation chain reaction thereby preventing cellular damage and subsequent health issues such as cancer or heart disease, and even affect the aging process.

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Video here: See How Free Radicals Cause Aging