Super Affiliate System Course

As many of you know, this site normally only gets blog updates when someone asks a question and one of us needs a place to publish a relevant article. Today, however, we’re going to go over something that I came across and want to get out that nobody asked about. It’s easy for those of us who are building our own websites and have a clear understanding of how things work on the internet to forget that some people may not be on the lookout for suspicious activity.  Or maybe it’s just my Overactive Hyper-Vigilance from the Army that the shrinks keep talking about.  Either way, I want to explain this to some people.

In and of itself, affiliate marketing is a good thing (in my opinion).  Someone selling a product or service will place an affiliate rate on their product or service and those affiliates (people marketing the product on behalf of the company/owner) will receive a commission based on sales.  Think door-to-door salesperson for the internet. Usually the goal of this person will be to gain the trust of an audience and then recommend products that they use to their followers and get paid for using and promoting their product.  This is all done at no additional cost to the consumer, so when it’s done right, it’s a win for everyone.

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Original Youtube video here: Super Affiliate System Course