VidSpy Alpha Demo

Brand visibility is a frequently-used marketing tactic that inspires a lot of different opinions and adoption strategies. By definition, a brand becomes visible by being shared, read and seen on social media, as well as on traditional media.

It’s not a new concept in marketing, but it keeps evolving and adding fresh features over time. Video content has become one of the most popular brand visibility formats in the last few …

Meet Milaap
The largest crowdfunding platform in India, Milaap is enables social development through an online peer-to-peer model.

This means that you can go on to their website, and kickstart fundraising campaigns for yourself, charities you support or even your loved ones. These campaigns can be for education, sports, healthcare, disaster relief or personal causes.

Milaap is soon becoming the go-to platform for funding cancer treatment, transplants and other critical emergencies.
How Rocketium fits in the …

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Video here: VidSpy Alpha Demo