Wedding DJ Disco Surrey Great Music & Entertainment

Proms disco’s are what we do and we know exactly how to do them. Your school prom or formal needs to be amazing and to make it as amazing as it can be, we make sure the sound and lighting is stunning. Forget the disco’s you might have seen before, we will turn your venue into a night club for the evening. Professional programmed lighting, strobes, lasers and bass you can feel before you hear it. We understand what a prom need – we should by now, we do a lot of them – and we know you will be talking about it for years to come

All the lighting in the world would be pointless without an amazing DJ. After all it’s the DJ and the music that makes the night. All our Prom DJ’s are highly suited to this type of event, many of them still have weekly residencies in local night clubs and they all have an amazing understanding and knowledge of the music you want, even before you know you want it. Of course, we know you might want to give us some idea’s and lists of tracks you don’t want to miss and we’d love you to do that

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