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Remember those old commercials… “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” ? Well, if you do, then just imagine a take-off on the commercial… “This is your website. This is your website on WordPress.” But in this version, imagine the latter is an Olympic weightlifter on steroids. If I hadn’t made the case enough for WordPress as a CMS for regular websites (not just blogs) in this recent post and in this recent case study, then I guess the traffic increases must not have been impressive enough for ya! 😉

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The History of Google Algorithm Updates

With Google reportedly carrying out around 600 updates to its search algorithm each year, it’s fair to say there have been several major updates over the years making waves in the SEO community. Being an SEO agency in Hull, we like to stay on top of the latest updates to ensure our SEO strategies are always bringing in the best results for our clients. In this blog, we’ve highlighted the main updates that have changed the way Google’s algorithm works over the past few years.

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