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Remember those old commercials… “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” ? Well, if you do, then just imagine a take-off on the commercial… “This is your website. This is your website on WordPress.” But in this version, imagine the latter is an Olympic weightlifter on steroids. If I hadn’t made the case enough for WordPress as a CMS for regular websites (not just blogs) in this recent post and in this recent case study, then I guess the traffic increases must not have been impressive enough for ya! 😉

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Covert Social Press Review


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Themify Tutorial Top 10 Free Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

You can spend a great deal on ads and paid marketing, but one of the most priceless and free marketing commodities is sharing on social media. User engagement with your website, blog post articles, and products can have the greatest impact and outreach. This organic influence can help drive traffic and new visitors to your site and hopefully, new customers to your brand.

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Covert Copy Traffic Review

Feel free to look around

Feel free to look around

Customers nowadays interact with brands on all platforms. Every platform serves a different purpose because that is the way they have been designed. This is the reason why omnichannel marketing is emerging as a popular trend. Omnichannel is about offering a seamless experience and unified message across all channels, online or offline for your customers. […]

Social media strategy is a digital approach of creating a business goal and track it for its success. Before determining any social media strategy one should analyse goals, engage with the audience and optimize the results. The Internet has changed the way we live, think and buy. Since the advent of the Internet, most of […]

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Watch video on Youtube: Covert Copy Traffic Review