Honest Digital Heat Press Machine Customer Review

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Can make Full printing on products .even curved shape .
2. All in one printing machine .
3. Large space to print 12 mugs at one time
4. Up and down heating ,make heating more even.
5. Excellent sublimation/More efficient/Powerful 3D printing
6. Light weight ,easy to ship by express or sea .
7. Easy to operate .


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Woodworking Robot

I met Nancy and Paul Cooley at Albion College’s Young Alumni Award banquet.   Paul, a physician by day, and Albion Alum, class of 1951, makes band saw boxes for fun.  We had a delightful time talking woodworking.  Nancy sent me a couple of pictures I would like to share.

In her words, “Paul has made over 150 boxes, many of which are some of the designs you have seen on the internet.  Those designs come from a book, Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw by Lois Keener Ventura.  The two pictures I have attached are original designs.  The train is 14 1/4″ long, 5 7/8″ high, and 4″ deep.  The wheels and the cab are drawers.  The Victorian lady’s shoe is 7 3/4″ long, 6 3/4″ high, and about 4″ deep.  You can see the outline of the drawers in the picture.  It’s one of my favorites.”

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Neutered Cat Spraying In House – Cat Spraying

A spraying cat makes nobody happy. It stinks and you will keep smelling it everywhere. But why does it smell and why do cats do this? Continue reading to find out!

Cats mark through scent. They do this with the glands on their forehead, chin, cheeks, neck and the pads underneath their paws. But cats also mark with their urine, this is called spraying.

How does a cat spray?
A cat sprays by standing with his butt to a vertical surface, he’ll lift his tail up, while his back paws will stamp on the ground and his tail is quivering and urine is spraying out.

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Video here: Neutered Cat Spraying In House – Cat Spraying

Cat Spraying In The House – Stop Cat Spraying

How to stop dogs from marking in the house

Urine marking has nothing to do with housetraining, nor is your dog seeking revenge on you for something you have done.

There is a difference between urine marking, and not going out enough so he had to pee on your floor. If you see a puddle, your dog needed to pee. If that’s the case, you may want to re-visit your dog walking schedule, or make sure he is not drinking too much water, as that could signal a medical issue.

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