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Note: I published “Liking” Facebook’s Business Model on December 26, 20011 at Tekedia. This article updates that discussion by incorporating developments since then. It also folds in discussion of the economic moats that Facebook has developed around its business. Large segments of this article are exactly identical to the post that was published by Tekedia […]

  This post is the fourth in a series I am devoting to the examination of viral marketing.1 I tried to define the term in Part I, and examined how Hotmail and Dropbox each grew, in Part II and Part III respectively. The formula in the image above is widely used to model the growth of users […]

Dropbox is another example of a product that has experienced remarkable growth since its launch. In this case study I will explore how Dropbox has achieved such rapid growth and try to identify strategic themes that other startups might consider for experiments centered around user acquisition and revenue growth.1 What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a personal […]

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